Here is how you can setup votifier for your server!

Before we start, this tutorial is for servers not networks. Setting up a votifier for a bungeecord server is different.

Here is what you need:

To start drop the votifier plugin into your plugins folder, then restart your server.

After that you should see a folder in the plugins folder called Votifier go into the folder and edit the file called config.yml 



For port, add the port that you got from your host (The secondary one not the main)

After that save and reload the plugin, if everything is correct then your should see in console that the plugin is now listening on your server's ip:port

Now we go to a site and setup votifier to link it.

for this example we will be using

Signup and start by clicking add a Add a Server

 and fill up some optional stuff and we get to the important config, its very simple and here is how you can set it up:


Replace the example text with your own information like your server ip / name / port etc

And with that you are all set up! (You can click Send test Vote to test the site)

If you want to add prizes to voting you can watch the following video by SoulStriker

How to use Voting Plugin 1.15 | Minecraft Plugins